Microsoft Server 2016

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Companies with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees need their servers to run smoothly. Otherwise, they will face delays in delivering services, thereby reducing client satisfaction and profits alike.

Microsoft Server 2016 is a cloud-based operating system that integrates on-premises servers with public or private cloud infrastructures through Microsoft Azure. This hybrid capability gives users easy access to their data and applications so they can work more productively and efficiently. They’ll also enjoy Azure’s backup and disaster recovery feature to ensure business continuity after any calamity. And its built-in security features also safeguard systems from malware attacks and the dreaded downtime that usually comes with them.

Why Microsoft Server 2016?

  • Improved security - built-in security features protect user credentials and defend your network from data breaches and viruses
  • Increased efficiency - Microsoft Server 2016 allows employees to work more efficiently by deploying your applications on Azure
  • Comprehensive service - Azure’s state-of-the-art compute, storage, and network virtualization features come with technical support for your onsite and cloud servers

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